Kea Chaoskeas

 In Fjordland the keas will come and pull your tent to pieces and eat your shoelaces. These clever, endangered NZ native birds are equal parts clever, hilarious, and frustrating. At The Court Jesters we recognise kindred spirits when we see them.

Meet Kahu and Kara the Keas. Hopping through your event, pecking at your picnics, nibbling at your fingers, and trying to get into your wine these beautiful oversize puppets are out to cause the most mischief they can. All the while being chased by an exasperated DOC worker who is desperately trying to get them under control.

Suitable for large-scale outdoor events, A&P shows, and community gatherings, the Naughty Keas are a delightful and beautiful piece of fleeting comedic wonder with a distinctly New Zealand flavour.  

Did you know?
  • A kea learnt to turn on the water tap at Aspiring Hut campground.
  • A kea locked a mountaineer inside the toilet at Mueller Hut.
  • A kea learnt to use tools to set off stoat traps to get the eggs.
  • The Court Jester's Naughty Keas are now available for your event!