Motor-vational Speakers

Bad Boys Clutch andRobbie and Jared are Clutch and Holden, The Bad Boys of Motivational speaking Holden are the biggest bogans you've ever met and they want you to be too. So they've got themselves a little powerpoint presentation and are here to help you and your company improve your lives, your Christmas, and your air-to-fuel ratio.

Veteran Court Jesters Jared Corbin and Robbie Hunt created Clutch and Holden for a competitive evening in Scared Scriptless and have remained undefeated every time they take to the stage. These smooth talking Westies are funny as hell and bad to the bone!

Allow them to take you on a journey that's one part TED talk, one part illegal car modifications, three parts pre-mixed bourban and cola and all parts MOTOR-VATIONAL.